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Doula Testimonials

"Meghan made my birth experience just wonderful.  With her assistance and guidance, my husband and I were able to prepare for all aspects of labor and delivery.  Meghan's emotional and physical support during labor and delivery was invaluable.  I could not have had such an incredible birth experience without her as part of our "team".  Meghan has a true gift as a Doula!"

"Having Meghan as our doula was the best decision we ever made. In addition to being my coach and providing me with the extra strength and enthusiasm that I needed while giving birth, she also provided my husband with the support that he needed. The energy that Meghan puts into to the entire birthing process (from preparation to post birth) is remarkable.  She is a special person and gives SO MUCH!  Until meeting Meghan I had never heard about a doula and now I feel so lucky to have had her as a significant part of bringing my son into this world."        Ames

"Because Meghan was present at my second birth, I know what a difference her presence made.  I don't think any woman should give birth without a doula, especially her." 

"Meghan was exactly what we were looking for in a doula - kind, present, strong, loving and knowledgeable.  Her presence was invaluable in providing loving support for my wife and I during a very long, involved labor.  She has wonderful instincts; knowing when to step forward and when to give us space.  I can't imagine having gone through our labor without her."

"Meghan's level of commitment was outstanding.  The time and personal attention she gave me before and after the birth was great.  I appreciated her calmness, confidence and professional attitude, plus her foot massage was heavenly!"

"Meghan enabled us to have a completely natural childbirth experience which was the kind of birth that I envisioned for myself from the beginning.  Without Meghan, we may have fallen short of this goal."

"Meghan helped us a lot with the labor.  I knew nothing about giving birth, so it was very helpful for her to be there.  She taught us some relaxation techniques that were good and kept my wife in less pain."

"I thought Meghan was very helpful.  She was never overpowering, very calm and collected.  She kept me hydrated well and had good ideas during labor and before."

"I appreciated Meghan's ability to remain positive that the baby could turn while simultaneously preparing us for a caesarean.  I think the very most helpful thing was her suggestion to visualize a caesarean birth in a favorable light before it happened.  She helped me put my thoughts and hopes into the birth so it always remained MINE even though I was so dependent on everyone else."

"She was supportive and helpful.  She maintained focused and did not "add static" to the process.  As the father, she helped me focus on my wife and not the pain that she was going through."

"Before labor began I discussed with Meghan that I did not want to go to the hospital until WELL into my labor.  With Meghan's help (and diversion tactics) we got to the hospital when I was 9 cm dilated - PERFECT timing, as far as I was concerned."

"Meghan was very calm and supportive.  She has a very gentle, effective touch and a wonderfully soothing voice."

"Meghan's prenatal training really helped my husband and I feel confident about labor.  Because of her assistance the experience was much less frightening."

"We have already referred her twice!"

"The extra support and encouragement that Meghan provide really helped me and my husband stay focused and connected to the whole birthing experience.  She was great at keeping me focused.  I really appreciated her support and encouragement that I could do it and hold out from getting an epidural."

"Meghan helped make my wife and I feel more at ease during labor and delivery and I believe have a better/easier delivery.  At first I had worries that  I would be rendered useless as the father in the delivery room.  Meghan knew when to help and when to step aside!  She was great!"

"Using a doula made the difference for my third birth which was by far my best one.  She helped me to transcend the pain and to accept it on some level.  This birth helped me grow as a person with lessons about dealing with stress that I will use for a lifetime."

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Birth DoulaMassage TherapyChakra BalancingLifestyle Coaching

Boston, MA
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